Sailing in the Lakelands

If you ask the locals what they think is an absolute ‘must’ on a summer’s day in the Lakelands, they will say: “A boat trip to Himmelbjerget.” Step on board one of Hjejleselskabet’s nostalgic river boats in Ry or Silkeborg and enjoy a lovely trip along the Gudenåen to Hotel Julsø, where you can disembark to climb Himmelbjerget. Or join the boat for a relaxing hour-long non-stop cruise which will give you every opportunity to enjoy the sight of the great crested grebe and perhaps even a rare kingfisher.

Skanderborg Sø also has its own pleasure boat, Dagmar, whose captain organises trips on the lake throughout the summer. As you sit back and admire the scenery, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream on board.




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Did you know...

– that the name Gudenåen comes from “Guthen”? The name means “dedicated to the gods” and its first recorded mention dates back to 1437. The “åen” (river) suffix was added later.


Useful links

- Enjoy a trip with the tourboats from Hjejleselskabet. The tourboats sail between Ry and Himmelbjerget and Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget.

- The tourboat Dagmar takes you on a tour of Lake Skanderborg

- Rent a canoe:
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Gudenåen – a fount of experiences

Gudenåen - en strøm af oplevelser