Himmelbjerget - in winter time

Art in the Lakelands

Møllehjulet at Ejer Bavnehøj


Have a break

Take to the water

At ease in the Lakelands

The Danish Laketlands holds exactly what most of us dream about: beautiful scenery with winding streams, clear lakes, deep forests and gentle hills. Exciting attractions, surprising family events and other delightful ways to enjoy an active holiday.

Additionally, you can find a wide variety of good accommodation and places to eat as well as many lovely specialty shops. 


Gudenåen – a fount of experiences

Gudenåen - en strøm af oplevelser

In the Danish Lakelands, you can sleep under the stars or in a cosy four-poster bed. In a tent or at a B&B. In a cabin or at a ‘star’ hotel. Or even at a castle. The choice is yours. And your hosts will always point you in the right direction to good experiences.

The good local raw materials from fields, forests and lakes also form part of the menus at the inns and restaurants in the Lakelands.

Some of the old inns and small restaurants along the lake, the river or the country road have become fine culinary attractions and no gourmet will be disappointed here. Others choose to stick to the good traditional cuisine and serve star quality open sandwiches.