The Lakelands offers a wealth of experiences, and we usually say that in the Lakelands there is always something going on. Whether it's for outdoor or indoor activities. There is something for every taste and age.

Walks in the Danish Lakelands

Walking around the Danish Lakelands will leave you with many fond holiday memories. Plan your route to take in the sights and attractions – or follow your nose and see what awaits you around the next corner.

Bicycle routes

The Danish Lakelands have bicycle routes to suit every taste, with everything nature-loving cyclists need to enjoy their holiday. In fact, you can even create your own bicycle routes – follow the small winding roads and discover the joys of the Lakelands.

Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Mountain"

Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Mountain") rises 147 metres above the landscape and is one of Denmark’s finest and most traditional places for outings. And this has been the case ever since the old steamer Hjejlen made its call at the foot of the mountain for the very first time in 1861. The steam...

Restaurants and cafes in the Danish Lakelands

The Danish Lakelands region is a natural pantry packed with delicious ingredients – and the creative chefs know how to make the very most of them. Occasionally in gastronomic experiments designed to remind us that Denmark is home to the best restaurant in the world.


Visit the different museums in the Lakelands and explore the local history. At Øm Kloster (Monastery) you can learn about the monks living a peaceful life. Or visit the Bunker Museum in the forrest "Dyrehaven" and get an insight to the life of the German soldiers during world war 2.