Two people, two days – and kisses ad infinitum

In the Danish Lakelands, you can turn your backs on your busy daily lives and enjoy time in each other’s company. Head off for a walk along one of the many winding paths, and stop for lunch at a cosy inn. Embrace everything the museums and art galleries have to offer – or throw your arms around each other. Take deep breaths of the fresh, clean air and pull your sweetheart by the hand to the top of Himmelbjerget. Rediscover your joie de vivre and let the laughter flow.

We are ready to indulge you, to help you recharge your batteries and breathe fresh life into your relationship.

Søhøjlandet for to

Lakelands for two



Hvor skal vi sove i nat?

Where to sleep?

- The perfect accomodation for two

Walks in the Lakelands

Walks in the Lakelands

Walking around the Danish Lakelands will leave you with many fond holiday memories. Plan your route to take in the sights and attractions – or follow your nose and see what awaits you around the next corner.

Beautiful bicycle routes in the Lakelands

Discover the undulating landscape between Skanderborg, Ry and Silkeborg on two wheels. 

Gudenåen - en strøm af oplevelser

Gudenåen – a fount of experiences

150 km of delights all year round

The Gudenå is the longest river in Denmark, and has inspired industiousness and adventure for centuries.

The river flows calmly on its way, providing charming ecperiences on land and water alike. Slip into a canoe, climb aboard one of the boats for Himmelbjerget, or enjoy a delightful walk along the paths that line the banks.  

Motorbiking in the Lakelands

The Lakelands are the perfect terrain for everyone who enjoys riding their motorbikes in scenic surroundings. The way the roads rise and fall, swinging one way and then the other, hugging the landscape, offers unparalleled motorbiking experiences.