Gudenåen – a gurgling fount of experiences

The Gudenåen has always been a source of life in the Danish Lakelands. Today, the river is a paradise for canoeists and kayakers, anglers and everyone who loves the great outdoors. Measuring 146 kilometres from its source to its mouth, the Gudenåen river winds through the hills and the deep, clear lakes of the Danish Lakelands, steeped in history and offering visitors a wealth of experiences and cultural interest.

Go for a stroll along the river bank to observe the rich bird life, cast a line and wait for a zander to bite, or set off for a long-distance canoe trip.  Pitch a tent at one of the many campsites along the river bank or use one of the simple shelters, and head for the nearest inn for supper.

Take to the water

If you ask the locals what they think is an absolute ‘must’ on a summer’s day in the Lakelands, they will say: “A boat trip to Himmelbjerget.” Step on board one of Hjejleselskabet’s nostalgic river boats in Ry or Silkeborg and enjoy a lovely trip along the Gudenåen to Hotel Julsø, where you can disembark to climb Himmelbjerget. Or join the boat for a relaxing hour-long non-stop cruise which will give you every opportunity to enjoy the sight of the great crested grebe and perhaps even a rare kingfisher.

Skanderborg Sø also has its own pleasure boat, Dagmar, whose captain organises trips on the lake throughout the summer. As you sit back and admire the scenery, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream on board.

Canoeing for pleasure

Using a canoe as a traditional craft, you can embark on a long voyage, stopping off to spend the night at one of the many shelters or primitive campsites dotted along the river. Feel the sun on your hair and a smile on your lips as you paddle through the countryside, Red Indian-style.

Or how about a day trip together with your friends or family? Pack a picnic and take the time to admire the lively great crested grebes and the proud herons. You can rent canoes at Ry Kanofart.

Kayak – yes, please

You can launch your kayak at several places in the Danish Lakelands. Start out, for example, at the new picnic area near the village of Emborg south of Gl. Rye, and follow the river north via Gudensø to Ry. Or lower your kayak into the water at the picturesque Knudhule beach on the eastern shores of Knudsø and paddle around the lake.

You can rent kayaks at Ry Kanofart - see usefull links. 

Carbon-neutral – naturally

Hop on board one of the solar-powered motorboats. The solar panels on the roof of the boats deliver enough power for the trip to be completely quiet and pollution-free. The maximum speed is only four knots, so solar sailing is for those who appreciate sustainability and quality of life.

Fantastic angling

The Danish Lakelands are famous for their angling. There are no fewer than nineteen different species to catch, for example zander, perch and trout. 


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- that the black-necked grebe at the bird sanctuary at Emborg Odde breeds in a colony of black-headed gulls? The aggressive gulls keep the foxes at bay.


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