Arts & Crafts in the Lakelands

For centuries The Danish Lakelands have attracted painters, craftsmen and artisans – and nowadays unique galleries, charming workshops and exciting studios are scattered all over the Lakelands.  And they all invite you to come visiting.

Some galleries and workshops are open year round, with others you should make a visitor agreement. 

Visit for example Gertrud Berg Keramik, Galleri Art Expo, MidtJyllands Kunst Center or The Creative Spaces (De Kreative Mellemrum).

Or visit the shop X & Tværs which sells both handmade glas as well as different crafts in high quality from well known craftsmen in Denmark. 







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Various art exhibitions

In Kulturhuset in Skanderborg, new artists exhibit every month. Everybody is welcome to come and have a look during the opening hours of Kulturhuset.  

The art map "Kunsten på kortet"

On the map, you can see where to meet the artist(s) and you might be inspired to take a colorful art tour in the Lakelands. 

Please send us an email, if you want us to send you the art map: info@visits....

Download the art map here

The art map is sponsored by Kultursamvirket i Skanderborg.