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Walking around the Danish Lakelands will leave you with many fond holiday memories. Plan your route to take in the sights and attractions – or follow your nose and see what awaits you around the next corner.

Walking in the Lakelands

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Walking through the undulating Lakelands landscape, you will come across the most spectacular views at every turn. Enchanting glades with tables and benches for cosy coffee breaks and picnics are interspersed with perfect opportunities for photographing the bird life along the lakeside and up in the air.

The hills, the diverse scenery and the charming hamlets and villages all make for wonderful excursions in the Danish Lakelands for young and old alike. There are marked routes which you can follow for days while exploring the landscape, marvelling at the breathtaking views and immersing yourself in the peaceful tranquillity of the woods.

Right to the top

Excursions to the hills Himmelbjerget and Ejer Bjerge will undoubtedly be two high points of your holiday.

Enjoy the commanding views from the summits and feel the beating of the wings of history on Himmelbjerget, or ‘Sky Mountain’. It was in these unbroken forests that the Danish kings went wolf hunting; later the parson and poet Steen Steensen Blicher arranged national feasts here.

You will reach Denmark’s highest natural point if you climb Ejer Bavnehøj and the nearby Møllehøj. From the tower on Himmelbjerget it is possible – in fine weather – to see all the way to the island of Samsø off Jutland’s east coast.

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Did you know that...

- that there are approx. 40 km of marked paths criss-crossing the woods between Himmelbjerget and the lake Slåensø? See the map here.



Welcome to the Danish Lakelands

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