Canoe and kayak at the Gudenå

Do you love water and nature in general - rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy exciting experiences!

Taking a canoe trip on Gudenåen is an absolute must if you are on an active holiday - here you have the opportunity to combine activities for the whole family with wonderful experiences. Visit Klostermølle where you can visit the old paper or sail over to Himmelbjerget and enjoy the beautiful view 147 meters above sea level - an absolutely stunning view. Take the tent and take on a holiday expedition on the lakes - it is the epitome of active family holiday with lots of presence! In the evening you can put up the tent at one of the many campsites or primitive accommodations and enjoy being in the middle of nature. 
Pick up a bag or just the picnic basket and take a canoe or kayaking trip along Gudenåen, which winds through the Lakelands and the vast, clear lakes of the area. With its 146 kilometers, there are many opportunities to discover and find the true wonders of nature.

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Gudenåen - en strøm af oplevelser

Gudenåen – a fount of experiences

150 km of delights all year round

The Gudenå is the longest river in Denmark, and has inspired industiousness and adventure for centuries.

The river flows calmly on its way, providing charming ecperiences on land and water alike. Slip into a canoe, climb aboard one of the boats for Himmelbjerget, or enjoy a delightful walk along the paths that line the banks.  

Where to sleep?

- The perfect accomodation for two

Where to eat in the Lakelands

From traditional Danish food or a quick sandwich to the fine and delicate kitchen. In the Lakelands you can find lovely places to eat that fit every taste and every occasion.