Cultural paths in the Danish Lake District

Experience the culture in Denmark, where themes tie the stories together.
In the Danish District, we invite you to explore the topics of Gods & Myths and World War II.

If you are ready for more experiences, you can also experience the following themes on the cultural path:
Danish way of life
Local ways to global art

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Gods & Myths

Scattered across the landscape are traces from the fascinating history of Central Jutland. Some are still there to be seen, while others are hidden underground.

The traces are everywhere, from the open West Jutland landscapes and the rough coastline, across Central Jutland's wooded Søhøjland ’Lake District’ to the fjords, rolling hills, and cliffs on the nose of Djursland.

At all times and in all places man has lived and left his mark.

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World War II

The Germans were active in most parts of Denmark, including the part of Jutland which is today the Central Denmark Region.

Crossing Jutland from west to east you will pass sites telling their story of the presence of German occupation.

If you visit and explore them, whether they are museums, memorial sites, or monuments in concrete and steel, you will soon discover that the past holds many a fascinating, terrifying, and – for current Danish generations – immediately meaningful stories. 

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Where to sleep in the Danish Lake District

From one night in sleeping bags under the open sky to hotel stay with Cava and golf. Søhøjlandet has it all.