Golf in the Lakelands

Golf in the Lakelands

In the heart of Jutland you can choose between several charming golf courses.

Find your own favourite among the beautiful golf courses situated along the Gudenå River – all beautifully integrated in the vigorous landscape. Here are courses to comply with the demands of both the new and keen golfer and the super pro players.  

The golf courses have a large variety of opportunities. Some of the courses are situated in the middle of a forest, some of them are situated close to the water, others have step slopes and deep gorges and yet again others are less varied.  But nearly all have bunkers and lakes – and they can really be challenging!

All of them also have 18 holes, are well kept, have nice views of the surrounding countryside and lakes, helpful staff for those who need that and a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Create a new challenge:

Pay and play golf is the perfect way to unite exercise with beautiful landscapes and plenty of fresh air. The whole family can play and you can rent the equipment at the golf clubs.

Check out the golf courses here:

Silkeborg Ry Golf klub (Ry)

Hammel Golf klub

Skanderborg Golf klub

Silkeborg Ry Golf klub (Silkeborg)


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