Motorbiking in the Lakelands

The hilly Lakelands is a perfect landscape for those of you who likes to combine a ride on the motorcycle with a wonderful nature experience. Here you will find soft turns and beautiful hills.

The hilly and varied landscape in the Lakelands is a gem of Danish nature. And with its soft hills, winding roads, deep lakes, fine beaches and cozy villages, the Lakelands invites you to motorcycle bike rides. Here you can also enjoy the view of Denmark's longest river, Gudenåen, which passes through the charming tourist town of Ry - a favorite stop for many motorcyclists. The lake in Skanderborg and the music festival Smukfest also offer wonderful experiences.

As a motorcyclist in the Lakelands you will constantly encounter good stories and dissemination of the nature and culture that surrounds you. And it's not far between the delicious eateries and old inns. If you want to go for a trip to the Himmelbjerget (Sky Mountain), do not be afraid of thin air: with its 147 meters, Himmelbjerget was until 1847 named Denmark's highest point. But in recent times it has turned out that Møllehøj, next to Ejer Bavnehøj, is more than 171 meters above sea level.

Ivan Damborg has been motorbiking in most of the countries in Europe. But after settling in the small village Tørring north of Ry, he has discovered that the very best countryside for motorbiking is just outside their door.
- In the Lakelands you can experience a richness of landscapes during just a single day. Two days are never the same. Deep forests alternate with extensive heaths and waving fields, the lakes offers beautiful variety and everywhere you meet the most magnificent views. Farm shops and inns add atmosphere on your way, says Ivan who is happy to share his favourite tour with the readers. Follow his suggestions on the map and look forward to new experiences. Make a stop by Knudhule Beach or have a drink or a bite to eat at Knudhule Badehotel, sense the presence of history on Sky Mountain (and have an ice cream), and climb the mountain Sukkertoppen (The Sugar Loaf).

The Lakelands invites you on a relaxing holiday, with added proportions of challenges. Almost a third of the area is covered with extensive forests and wooded lakes, and along the way you will find scenic oases with tables and benches for picnics. Use a motorcycle ride to the Lakelands to relax and enjoy the fact that you can have some time off and have time for each other.
Stay in the Lakelands for a few days and enjoy a vacation that you will never forget.

For more information about motorbiking in the Lakelands, contact the tourist information at info@visits... or give us a call, +45 86 69 66 00.

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Coffee break on the top

Take a break at the so called Denmark's roof, Ejer Bjerge, and buy the coffee and the cake in Møllehjulet, the kiosk on the top. It is open during the summer season.
Another great spot for a coffee break is Himmelbjerget. You can buy the coffee at Hotel Himmelbjerget or Hotel Julsø. If you are more into ice and sausage, the kiosks are ready with today's offerings.