Motorbiking in the lakelands

Motorbiking in the Lakelands

Imagine long soft curves, green hills and deep valleys, forests, blue skies, drifting clouds, picture lakes, gurgling streams, cosy inns and friendly folk. Now stop imagining and get on your motorbike and let dreams come true in the Lakelands.

Ivan Damborg and his girlfriend Janne have been motorbiking in most of the countries in Europe. But after settling in the small village Tørring north of Ry, they have discovered that the very best motorbiking countryside is just outside their door.

- In the Lakelands you can experience a richness of landscapes during just a single day. Two days are never the same. Deep forests alternate with extensive heaths and waving fields, the lakes offers beautiful variety and everywhere you meet the most magnificent views. Farm shops and inns add atmosphere on your way, says Ivan who is happy to share his favourite tour with the readers. Follow his suggestions on the map and look forward to new experiences. Make a stop by Knudhule Beach, sense the presence of history on Sky Mountain (and have an ice cream), and climb the mountain Sukkertoppen (The Sugar Loaf).

You can also hire Ivan to drive in front of a group tour of the Lakelands. He knows every bend and every hill crest, is familiar with the best “waterholes” and has discovered the hidden treasures of the landscape. For more information about motorbiking in the Lakelands, contact the tourist information at info@visits... or give us a call, +45 86 69 66 00.

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