Shopping in the Lakelands

Forget all about traffic jams and hectic meltdowns. The towns of the Danish Lakelands are characterised by their easy-going atmosphere where there is always time for a chat and a smile. Here, you can shop without any stress or pressure, and make space in your programme for a refreshing drink or an ice cream.

The old market town of Skanderborg boasts a wide range of shops on a par with those found in most cities, and you never have to look very far for a good offer. Amidst the colourful mix of modern concept stores, family-owned specialist retailers and intriguing second-hand shops, a coffee shop or lunch restaurant is never far away.

Ry has a uniquely romantic air. This is where the Himmelbjerg artists had, with good reason, their summer colony, and where the pleasure boats chug from one landing jetty to the next. Shopkeepers will always find the time to wrap your purchases while regaling visitors with local stories, and if an ice cream tickles your fancy, just sit down and enjoy one while admiring the stunning views.

Galten and Hørning town centres are also good starting points for stress-free shopping excursions. The shops are all within easy reach, and you won’t have to search far for a good bargain.

As you pass through the countryside, you will spot lots of signs saying “honning and marmelade” (honey and jam) or “friskopgravede kartofler” (new potatoes). Pop inside the gate and you will often discover the most charming farm shops stocked with local produce.

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