Sights and insights in the Lakelands

With Ry as your natural starting point, the Lakeland area offers a number of unique walks. The hilly landscape opens everywhere for scenic sights. Small oases with tables and benches invite you to take a relaxing and needed coffee break.

The area’s impressive relief of peaks and gorges were formed by natural forces during the last ice age, explaining why Lake Knudsø is up to 30 metres deep. According to a local angler one of the deep holes of the lake is the home of a very old European catfish thought to weigh almost 300 kilos. So far no one has been able to present a picture of the giant fish.

Welcome to the Lakelands

We look forward to sharing the Danish Lake District with you

Here in the delightful Danish Lake District, with its clear lakes, winding rivers and tranquil woods, and with charming little towns scattered through the landscape, we love weloming guests. We have plenty of paths, picnic spots and beaches with space for everyone, we have accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, and our restaurants know how to satisfy an appetite. 


UDsigt og INDsigt

Sailing in the Lakelands

In the Lakelands there are many possibilities for sailing, in many different ways. Choose between canoe, kayak, solar-powered motorboat and sailing with the tourists boats. No matter which way you choose, you will experience the nature, close to you.

Motorbiking in the Lakelands

The Lakelands are the perfect terrain for everyone who enjoys riding their motorbikes in scenic surroundings. The way the roads rise and fall, swinging one way and then the other, hugging the landscape, offers unparalleled motorbiking experiences.

Take to the water

Sejl rundt til de mange naturoplevelser i Søhøjlandet. 

Gudenåen - en strøm af oplevelser

Gudenåen – a fount of experiences

150 km of delights all year round

The Gudenå is the longest river in Denmark, and has inspired industiousness and adventure for centuries.

The river flows calmly on its way, providing charming ecperiences on land and water alike. Slip into a canoe, climb aboard one of the boats for Himmelbjerget, or enjoy a delightful walk along the paths that line the banks.