Explore the museums

Visit the different museums in the Lakelands and explore the local history. At Øm Kloster (Monastery) you can learn about the monks living a peaceful life in the monastery. In the Museums on Adelgade in Skanderborg you can see a copy of the castle the King used to live in. A castle build with the bricks from the Monastary in Øm. Or visit the Bunker Museum in the lovely forrest "Dyrehaven" and get an insight to the life of the German soldiers during world war 2. 

In Gl. Rye the dutch hat-mill is a small local museum with insights in the mill-production, Himmelbjerg-souvenirs and the old airstrip just outside the village. 

In Skanderborg you find the interesting Vestermølle where you can learn about the farming culture in Denmark. 

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