Skønne spisesteder i Søhøjlandet
Familiehygge på Gastro Pub i Ry

Restaurants and cafes in the Danish Lakelands

The Danish Lakelands region is a natural pantry packed with delicious ingredients – and the creative chefs know how to make the very most of them. Occasionally in gastronomic experiments designed to remind us that Denmark is home to the best restaurant in the world.

Skanderborg Bryghus A/S

Brewmaster Lars Kromand and the other brewmasters as well as the volunteer beer enthusiasts run the brew house. We focus on fresh brew every week, which we brew on good beer ingredients in the large boilers in the basement, where there are also tanks for storage. We pour the fresh beer on ...

Picnic places

Do you want to drink your coffee outside? And perhaps you have the packed lunch in the trunk? In the Lakelands you will find lovely table-bench sets that are often placed with views and in lovely surroundings.

Farm shops

Explore the fun and quirky farm shops in the area.

Grocery shopping

Go shopping in Ry and Gl. Rye. The stores offer a wide range of products. Kvickly in Ry has e.g. a large selection of organic products.


The Lakelands offers a wealth of experiences, and we usually say that in the Lakelands there is always something going on. Whether it's for outdoor or...

Hotels and Inns

Whether you are for idyllic countryside or modern luxury in Søhøjlandet, we can offer you just the right accommodation.

Attractions in the Danish Lakelands

There is plenty to do in the Lakelands. In fact, we say that there is always something going on. The Lakelands offers a wealth of experiences, whether...

Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Mountain"

Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Mountain") rises 147 metres above the landscape and is one of Denmark’s finest and most traditional places for outings. And th...