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Outdoor experiences

Bicycle routes

The Danish Lakelands have bicycle routes to suit every taste, with everything nature-loving cyclists need to enjoy their holiday. In fact, you can even create your own bicycle routes – follow the small winding roads and discover the joys of the Lakelands.


Whether you are into real challenges or just want to go on a leisurely drive, you will find some of Denmark’s best tracks in the large forests around Ry, Skanderborg and Silkeborg.

Walks in the Danish Lakelands

Walking around the Danish Lakelands will leave you with many fond holiday memories. Plan your route to take in the sights and attractions – or follow your nose and see what awaits you around the next corner.

On the water

A boat trip, experiences in canoe / kayak, angling or Stand Up Paddle are alle absolute ‘must’ on a summer’s day in the Lakelands.


In the heart of Jutland you can choose between several charming golf courses. Find your own favourite among the beautiful golf courses situated along the Gudenå River – all beautifully integrated in the vigorous landscape.


Numerous species of fish thrive in the lakes and creeks of the Lakelands, and you will probably catch some fish, no matter if you are fishing from a bridge or a boat.

Holmens Put and Take

One of the most beautiful Put & Take lakes is right next to Holmens Camping. You will always find big and fit for-fight fish here (1-8 kg). All facilities for cleaning and barbecue are close by the lake. The Put & Take lake is an integrated part of the surrounding nature, well suited for m...

Trail run in the lakelands with Simon Grimstrup

Experience the magnificent scenery of the lakelands on foot with expert guidance from one of Denmark's best and most experienced trail runners, who have been running in the forests around Himmelbjerget since childhood.Simon Grimstrup shares anecdotes along the way in relation to becoming a...


Take a trip up into higher altitudes - all 21 mountain in BestigBjerge are over 100 meters above sealevel. That means, not a trip for those afraid of heights! Or maybe it is? Wonderful, lovely Denmark invites you on experiences in the heights. On Jutland and Fyn you can find hilltops with...

Fuglsang Horseback-riding in the Lakelands

Want to enjoy the nature on horseback on a guided tour? Feel the real horsepowers, from an Islandic Horse on a nice ride over fields and through beautiful forests. The horses are saddled and ready when you come. You only need to find a suitable helmet and get the stirrups adjusted.There ar...

Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Mountain"

Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Mountain") rises 147 metres above the landscape and is one of Denmark’s finest and most traditional places for outings. And this has been the case ever since the old steamer Hjejlen made its call at the foot of the mountain for the very first time in 1861. The steam...

Ejer Bjerge

Ejer Baunehøj is the highest natural point in Denmark 170,89 m above sea level. On the top is a 13 m high tower which was raised in 1924 in memory of the reunion with South Jutland in 1920. The tower is accessible for wheelchairs. Ejer Baunehøj has 'Denmarks highest elevator'.From the top ...

Illerup River Valley by Skanderborg

Many years ago there was a lake in Illerup Ådal (River valley) and it covered an area of around 10 hectares (ca. 25 acres) The lake eventually became overgrown. In 1950 an extraordinary find was made in the old lake an since then more than objects have been excavated, in particular ...


Mossø (Moss Lake)Compared to Danish standards, the lakelands in Central Jutland is of an extraordinaire dimension. The area is characterised by hills and valleys created during the last glacial period. The eroded moraine areas are traversed by deep valleys, which not only were created duri...

Gudenåen - a gurgling fount of experiences

The Gudenåen has always been a source of life in the Danish Lakelands. Today, the river is a paradise for canoeists and kayakers, anglers and everyone who loves the great outdoors. Measuring more than 150 kilometres from its source to its mouth, the Gudenåen river winds through the hills a...