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Kyhnsvej 20

8680 Ry




The river Gudenå - a purling stream of experiences
With its more than 160 kilometres the river Gudenå - Denmarks largest waterway - meanders through the Danish Lakelands.

Canoeing is an absolute must when visiting the river Gudenå area. Rent a conoe for a day, take a packed lunch and enjoy a leissurely day watching for the crested grebe and the proud heron.

Or equip yourselves for a real holiday expedition and go canoeing for a week.

This sums upwhat an active family holiday with plenty of togetherness is about. In the evening you can pitch your tent at one of the many campsites and primitvie lay-bys reserved for you and other paddling people who prefer to enjoy nature to the fullest. From sunrise to sunset.

Contact Ry Kanofart and get a good offer for your canoetrip.


Kyhnsvej 20

8680 Ry


Med start i Tørring, Åle, Åstedbro

550 DKK - 2400 DKK

Med start i Gl.Rye, Ry eller Silkeborg

400 DKK - 2100 DKK

Timesejlads fra 09.00 til 18.00 (Kun start + slut i Ry)

100 DKK - 400 DKK

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