Himmelbjerget ved Skanderborg

the nature around Skanderborg

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The big three

Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Mountain"

Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Mountain") rises 147 metres above the landscape and is one of Denmark’s finest and most traditional places for outings. And this has been the case ever since the old steamer  Hjejlen  made its call at the foot of the mountain for the very first time in 1861. The ste...

Gudenåen - a gurgling fount of experiences

The Gudenåen has always been a source of life in the Danish Lakelands. Today, the river is a paradise for canoeists and kayakers, anglers and everyone who loves the great outdoors. Measuring more than 150 kilometres from its source to its mouth, the Gudenåen river winds through the hills a...

Ejer Bavnehøj Møllehøj Denmarks Highest Point

Ejer Baunehøj is the highest natural point in Denmark, 170.89 metres above sea level. A characteristic tower 13 metres high is placed on the top. The tower was built in 1924, as a memorial of the reunion of the south of Jutland which was lost to Prussia in 1864, and reunited with Denmark a...

Take a trip into nature

Walks in the Danish Lakelands

Walking around the Danish Lakelands will leave you with many fond holiday memories. Plan your route to take in the sights and attractions – or follow ...


Take a trip up into higher altitudes - all 21 mountain in BestigBjerge are over 100 meters above sealevel. That means, not a trip for those afraid of ...

Fuglsang Horseback-riding in the Lakelands

You can use Fuglsang if you want to enjoy the nature on horseback on a guided tour.

Bicycle routes

The Danish Lakelands have bicycle routes to suit every taste, with everything nature-loving cyclists need to enjoy their holiday. In fact, you can eve...

Outdoor activities in Skanderborg

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