Gudenåen - a gurgling fount of experiences

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The Gudenåen has always been a source of life in the Danish Lakelands. Today, the river is a paradise for canoeists and kayakers, anglers and everyone who loves the great outdoors. Measuring more than 150 kilometres from its source to its mouth, the Gudenåen river winds through the hills and the deep, clear lakes of the Danish Lakelands, steeped in history and offering visitors a wealth of experiences and cultural interest. 

Go for a stroll along the river bank to observe the rich bird life, cast a line and wait for a zander to bite, or set off for a long-distance canoe trip. Pitch a tent at one of the many campsites along the river bank or use one of the simple shelters, and head for the nearest inn for supper.

More than 150 kilometers Gudenå - tumble ground for all ages
The river Gudenå is Denmark's longest river and winds, with its more than 150 kilometers, through the Lake Highlands and the area's large, clear lakes. Along the way, it offers a stream of nature experiences and good stories.

Hop in a canoe or kayak, grab the fishing pole or go on an excursion to one of the many sights you will find along the magnificent Gudenå. Take a trip to Himmelbjerget and enjoy the view 147 meters above sea level, take a hike to the Sukkertoppen summit at Mossø or visit the beautiful and historically interesting Gl. Rye church. The area is so amazing and has so many experiences to offer that you can rarely settle for one trip. Pack the tent and experience the Gudenå with your family or friends. We are convinced that you will have an experience that creates memories for life.


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