Knudhule Badehotel

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Seaside hotel
When you stay at Knudhule Badehotel you have our guarantee of a good night's sleep. With the large selection of different room types everybody has a chance to stay in a price category that fits the specific budget. When the night is over, you can at Knudhule Badehotel look forward to a proper morning complete before you begin start with the "duties" of the day.

Randersvej 88

8680 Ry

At Knudhule Badehotel there are many options:
Visit Restaurant Gastronomic Institute and have a delicious dinner
Conference and meeting facilities (holding a successful meeting or a perfect day course)
Companies (experience from the largest Nordic company places)
Stay (packages)
Hotel and cottages (great selection of different room types at different prices)
Minigolf (12 hole miniature golf course)

For more info for each category, click on to Knudhule Badehotel website.

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Randersvej 88

8680 Ry


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