Midtjyllands Kunst Center

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Fasanvej 2

8654 Bryrup



Phone:75 75 77 71

fax:75 75 77 72

Midtjyllands Kunst Center is situated in the Mid-Jutland lake district, in a town called Bryrup, which is 17 km. south of Silkeborg. A beautiful place between hills, forest and lakes. The trip is a great experience at all times of the year.

The Center was established in 1998, and is an International Art Center with an exhibition area of 830m2 and 1.000m2 warehouse. With an increasing number of visitors exceeding 30,000 a year they are among Mid-Jutland's major tourist attractions.

They specialize in contemporary art and a great amount of renowned artists from both Denmark and abroad are affiliated with the art center.

Prices vary widely - from a few hundred DKK to well over a hundred thousand DKK.

Fasanvej 2

8654 Bryrup

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