A walk around Himmelbjerget

A walk around Himmelbjerget give you the chance to get the great terrain tour and experience all the secrets and surprises of the forests.

Hiking 14km

Marking: This is a combination of different marked routes, so the marking alternates between yellow and red symbols on posts.

The area around the Himmelbjerget has been visited since the mid 1800's when Blicher used the hill with the amazing views of the public. Especially after the launch of the steamship Hjejlen in 1861 and the opening of the railroad between Skanderborg and Silkeborg in 1871, the tourist flow became large.

But even today, you are not far from Heaven's Mountain to meet forest loneliness.

Did you know, for example, that Glarbo was the place where the Renaissance Renaissance had its glassworks? And that you broke marl here in the early 1900s? Come and find the stories on information boards along the way and get a folder in the tourist information at Himmelbjerget.

And find the most beautiful forests, the tallest trees, the most beautiful views ... and make your own stories of fairies, trolls and other strange creatures that only the few can see, but most people can feel.

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