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Things you have to experience in Skanderborg!

The Lakelands offers a wealth of experiences, and there is always something going on. Whether it's about outdoor or indoor activities. 

Visit Himmelbjerget and experience a truly unique nature and a beautiful view from the top. The sky mountain can, for example. be reached on foot or by boat - and it is a beautiful experience to sail on the Himmelbjerg lakes. Also experience the museums in Skanderborg, Ry and the surrounding area and if you are into art and ceramics, then visit one of the galleries in the Lakelands or have a look inside at the artisans.


Himmelbjerget - "The Sky Mountain"

Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Mountain") rises 147 metres above the landscape and is one of Denmark’s finest and most traditional places for outings.


Visit the different museums in the Lakelands and explore the local history. At Øm Kloster (Monastery) you can learn about the monks living a peaceful life. Or visit the Bunker Museum in the forrest "Dyrehaven" and get an insight to the life of the German soldiers during world war 2.

Things to do in and around Skanderborg

There are many nice experiences in Skanderborg and the Lake District. Go sailing, to a festival, into the nature or something completely different!



Smukfest, also known as Skanderborg Festival or Denmark's most Beautiful Festival, is a Danish music festival that takes place every summer during the second weekend of August in the beautiful beech forest "Skanderborg Dyrehave".

Beautiful festivals in the Danish Lakelands

Ry and Skanderborg are famous for their festivals. There is the music festival Smukfest with 50,000 music loving participants under the Beech trees, Outdoorfestivalen with activities for everyone and MTB Festival at Sletten for the whole family.

Art and culture

Arts and galleries

There are many possibilities for looking at arts and crafts in Skanderborg, Ry and surrounding areas and the owners are very happy to tell you about their place.

Kulturhuset Skanderborg

The Skanderborg Kulturhus (Culture Centre) is beautifully situated by the lake side in the middle of the town.

Events in Skanderborg

Here, you will find some of the biggest events in Skanderborg as well as local tips to events for everyone.

Into the nature

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Outdoor activities

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Eat and drink

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